Rural Housing Competition Entry and NSW Budget Revealed

This month our team submitted our first entry for a design competition in Italy, ‘Rural Housing – The Adaptive Reuse of an Italian “Cascina”.

At Furfaro Architects, our vision is a world where everyone enjoys beautiful, liveable spaces. Thus it was fitting to compete in our first design competition where the project brief was to imagine a complete transformation of the disused Cascina Lossano into a new housing complex capable of serving the needs of the present while respecting the history of its past.

Our proposal revolves around converting a ‘Cascina a Corte’ a heritage agricultural ruin, into an ‘Albergo Diffuso’ fusing heritage preservation, sustainable tourism, and economic growth.

The proposal focused on three main objectives:

1.    Preserve and enhance the heritage identity of the land, safeguarding it from further degradation and potential extinction.

2.    Revitalise the 'Cascina a Corte' as an eco-touristic gem, offering travellers a unique and sustainable experience.

3.    Promote local economic vitality by fostering connectivity with neighbouring communities and embracing ecotourism.

Embracing the 'Albergo Diffuso' concept, rooted in Italian history by creating a network of separate buildings, including a central reception, within 200 meters.These spaces will offer hotel-like commodities while ensuring privacy for residents.

To immerse guests in the authentic local culture, the proposal showcases Lombardy's rich agri-food system. A public plaza inspired by rice fields will serve as an open-air museum and gathering place for cultural events, traditional arts, crafts, and local cuisine, bringing communities of travellers, tourists, and locals alike into the same space.

Finally, a commitment to preserve rural buildings, limiting environmental impact, and revitalising heritage structures was implemented.


The approach transforms the 'Cascina Lossano' into a sustainable and culturally immersive 'Albergo Diffuso,' ensuring its legacy endures while boosting the local economy and providing travellers with a unique experience.

Keen to hear insights on what the newly released NSW budget would mean for Western Sydney, our director Rocco Furfaro alongside otherWestern Sydney community and business leaders was invited to attend the BusinessWestern Sydney NSW budget luncheon held in Parramatta last week.

The NSW Treasurer, Daniel Mookhey MLC and Deputy Premier,Prue Car MP identified several challenges the people of Western Sydney currently face including the cost of living, lack of affordable housing, and the need to rebuild essential services.

The budget plan will aid the residents of Western Sydney to help combat these rising issues with:

·      a $2.2 billion Housing Infrastructure Plan to build more houses and benefit residents of public and social housing.

·      $7.9 billion with the Australian Government for the Sydney Metro-Western Sydney Airport.

·      $374.1 million to complete construction stage 1of the Parramatta Light Rail.

·      an additional $1 billion to complete SydneyMetro City and Southwest.

·      Investing $3.5 billion in Western Sydney schools.

The growing focus on Western Sydney is an exciting step forward in the growth and development of our state and we look forward to seeing what’s next.

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