New Western Sydney Infrastructure Projects Announced By NSW Government

The NSW Government have just announced a massive range of exciting new infrastructure projects across Western Sydney. As part of the $5 billion WestInvest program, Western Sydney will see 20 new and revitalized parks, 22 upgrades to sports grounds, over 30kms of new walking and cycling paths, 12 improved streets and town centres, as well as four new and upgraded libraries. These projects will improve the livability of communities and support economic recovery, making a difference in the quality of life across 15 Local Government Areas in one the fastest growing and most diverse populations in the state.

Such projects will include Light Horse Park embellishment and upgrades, which will feature a quality green and open spaces in Liverpool. The $27.7 million project redevelops a key city park on the Georges River foreshore. It will deliver sporting fields, a community centre, play equipment, water play, gardens and landscaping, park furniture, and shaded structures.

(Project: Light Horse Park Revitalization – Address: Riverpark Drive, Liverpool)

In addition, a new pedestrian walkway and lighting over the Georges River are in the works. Located on the Heritage Railway Pylons in Liverpool, the Light Horse Pedestrian Bridge will be designed and built on the heritage-listed Liverpool Weir. It will provide access to the city for residents in the east, while the upgrade of Light Horse Park will enhance the interaction and enjoyment of the river.

(Project: Light Horse Pedestrian Bridge – Address: Heritage Railway Pylons, Liverpool)

The development of Light Horse Park and Light Horse Pedestrian Bridge, located on the banks of the Georges River, is being delivered as part of Council’s Georges River Activations program to connect the Georges River and Light Horse Park with Liverpool City Centre and transform the area into a vibrant and active public space for people to visit and enjoy.

The announcement of these infrastructural projects is an exciting step forward in the growth and development of Western Sydney, and we look forward to seeing what’s next!

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