Development Application for Lasso Road, Gregory Hills

Furfaro Architects are pleased to announce the proposal for a ten-storey development in Southwest Sydney.


Situated in the heart of Gregory Hills, the mixed-use development is set to go in for DA submission in the upcoming weeks. Informed by the demographic shift and expansion in the South-Western Sydney region, the proposal includes commercial and business premises, retail, and hospitality precincts, including a rooftop dining and bar area with a pool looking over the city.

Addressing the need for increased capacity and adaptability, the design seamlessly integrates the client's functional requirements while also considering the site's unique contextual and ecological factors. Through a bespoke approach, the project aims to connect to its surrounding context, continuing the public thoroughfare that exists throughout neighbouring precincts.  

Opening the ground floor to the public will provide spaces and opportunities for local businesses and restaurants to strive in one of the fastest-growing regions of Sydney. Integrating voids and garden terraces allows natural light to penetrate the building, enhancing the users' working environment. With neutral tones and textures used throughout the proposal, the design reflects an authentic urban environment that shifts away from traditional working conditions. The design also takes a sustainable approach by incorporating terrace gardens and vertical green walls, which increases the social well-being of its occupants whilst striving to achieve green star rating status.

The mixed-use development will provide the perfect meeting place for business professionals and the local community to crossover, enhancing relationships throughout the region.

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